Kick Ass GUI

Kick Ass GUI is a front end to the Arnold Renderer ( It allows you to render .ass files with Arnold and do a fair bit of debugging and testing without knowing how to use a command line, and without remembering all of kick’s flags.

Watch a quick video on Kick Ass GUI:

If you aren’t sure how to set your environment variables on osx, download this plist file and unzip it, edit the host variable to point to your license server and port if needed… and copy it to ~/.MacOSX/environment.plist. It’s just an xml file. This is the only way I could find that would allow a third party app to use the systems envar’s. Setting /etc/profile and ~/.profile did not work for me.

This application requires the Arnold Renderer ( to do any direct rendering. NOT included. Buy it… it’s the bees knees.

MAC: Download v2.0.0 here. Tested on 10.7+ 64bit Intel. Posted on 3-27-14 and updated for Mavericks.

WINDOWS: Download v2.0.0 here. Tested on Win7 64bit but should run on pretty much anything relatively current. Posted on 5-8-13.

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